Edukata in one minute

Master thesis on the use of Edukata

Kadri Riis from Estonia may be the first student to do a master thesis on Edukata design work. If you know of more academic work or publications related to Edukata-inspired design work in the field of education, do let us know.

Edukata rollout in Finland confirmed

It’s always a challenge to move from a project (that developed Edukata) to a sustained long-term existence. I’m glad to report that the Finnish Board of Education has granted funds for the Future Classroom Network in Finland, which will start rolling out the Future Classroom Toolkit and Edukata, first in five schools, later within five […]

Edukata opening new horizons for teachers and schools

Edukata was piloted in numerous schools in Finland. Recently I was in the closing seminar in Oulu, Finland, talking about Edukata and – most importantly – talking with the teachers who had piloted Learning Activities designed by our team, and also designed their own, using a beta version of Edukata.

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